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Combustion Safety Video Series


About This Course

The video series demonstrates a full battery of combustion safety testing in a typical residential home. Starting with preparing equipment before entering the home, inspecting and testing combustion appliances, and applying the correct action levels, each step is clearly shown in a concise, easy to understand format.

The series follows a logical sequence starting with how to prepare equipment before entering the house and then how to use the equipment to test for safe ambient conditions inside the home. Proper procedures for inspecting natural gas or propane lines are shown. Appliance testing procedures, including inspection of the vent system, setting up for “worst case”, checking for spillage, and testing for CO are clearly demonstrated.

The videos also cover procedures for evaluating commonly vented, direct vent, and power vent combustion appliances. Gas oven and range top inspection and testing procedures are demonstrated. Throughout the series, evaluation for compliance with standards and applying appropriate action levels is emphasized.

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