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Advanced Air Sealing and Missed Air Leakage Opportunities


About This Course

This training builds on the basic air sealing skills taught during an initial weatherization training class. After a quick review of the knowledge a basic air sealer should have the course moves into the techniques for locating, quantifying and air sealing key details in an existing home. Attendees should leave the class with a good understanding of what key details are, how they are located, what pressure diagnostics can be used to quantify the amount of leakage and what technique to use to address the leakage site.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • locate hidden air leakage pathways;
  • determine when to install dense pack insulation;
  • use infrared (or IR) thermography when running blower door tests; and
  • meet lower CFM50 goals.

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    110 minutes
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