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Basic HVAC Load Sizing


About This Course

Basic Load Sizing is a 90 minute introduction to the heating and cooling load sizing procedure. The course will begin with a brief introduction to HVAC terms and definitions needed to perform the load sizing calculations. It will then take an in depth look at the processes behind evaluating heat gain and loss through conduction and convection. The effects of ventilation gains, window heat gains, internal gains and duct losses and gains will all be covered in depth. The course will reference ACCA's Manual J in some sections. While having a copy of Manual J would be helpful it is not necessary to have a copy to benefit from the course. The course will come with a downloadable interactive load sizing spreadsheet for use during the instruction and for sizing heating and cooling loads afterwards. Attendees should be able to explain the process and perform an industry approved heating and cooling calculation when they have completed the course.

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