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Combustion Safety Testing


About This Course

Module 1 reviews residential heating equipment combustion processes, identifies combustion by-products and their effects on health and home, covers how to use ANSI venting categories and how to identify combustion appliance zones. Module 2 reviews gas leak detection procedures and equipment and what to do if you detect a gas leak. Module 3 reviews BPI procedures for testing vented appliances, how to establish a baseline and set up the home for worst case conditions and how to measure spillage and interpret the results. Module 4 reviews how to locate proper test locations and compare test results to BPI standards. Module 5 reviews how to locate the appropriate action levels in the BPI standards, make recommendations based on test results and how to repair test holes. Module 6 reviews the effects of combustion air quality, problems caused by low combustion air, combustion air calculations and methods for providing combustion air.

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  6. Building Performance Institute